Volume 36, Numbers 1 & 2, January-December
Special Issue on Folk Narratives

1 Nongbri, Tiplut. Culture and Biodiversity: Myths, Legends and the Conservation of Nature in the Hills of North-East India, pp. 1-21.
2 Mukherji, Priyadarsi. The Santal and Oraon Cosmogonic Myths and Certain Parallels in China: A Reflection of Socio-Cultural Realities, pp. 23-44.
3 Patnaik, S.M. Nyibu Agom: The Sacred Lore of the Adi of Arunachal Pradesh, pp. 45-62.
4 Channa, Vardesh and Yun-Hee Choi. Context of a Myth: A Comparison of Structural and Psychoanalytic Analysis, pp. 63-72.
5 Misra, Kamal K. and Niharranjan Misra. Changing Agricultural Technology and Its Impact on Agro-Based Rituals and Folk Songs in Rural Orissa, pp. 73-98.
6 Chatterji, Roma. The Figure of the Woman in Three Traditional Narrative Genres in Purulia, pp. 101-113.
7 Saraf, Samarendra. Folk Culture of Chhattisgarh Through an Ethnographer’s Kaleidoscope, pp. 115-128.
8 Bhardwaj, Shaila, Geeta Khanna, Rashmi Sinha, Renu Tyagi and Satwanti Kapoor. Age Related Trends in Morphological Variables among Females: A Comparative Study among the Dhanka Tribe and Brahmins of Rajasthan, pp. 129-139.
Shorter Note:
Mahapatra, Sita Kant. Koya Folk Songs: The Social and the Magical, pp. 141-145.
Review Article:
Misra, K.K. In Search of Cultural Roots; Enigmas and Paradoxes, pp. 147-157.
Book Reviews, pp. 159-186.
Seminar Report, pp. 187-195.
Obituaries, pp. 196-199.